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108 views · 12 days ago

Good wishes for all moms and a special one for those who choose to gave their sons or daughters the best gift, themselves <3

49 views · 13 days ago

The spam windows this site creates are awful! any alternative?

143 views · 17 days ago

I am female, 25, and very much into the older guys on here. I'm just starting to get kind of bored and I thought I should try to get to know people on here, share fantasies and stories. I am bisexual, but have not had any experiences with a woman. I do not actually hardly have any of my own experiences with incest, but I've had quite a few almosts. I have many kinks and would like to hear about yours.

122 views · 25 days ago

C'è qualche iscritto italiano/italiana?

112 views · 29 days ago

Any girls on this site down to chat with me? We could share stories & get to know each other. If so comment or message me your kik or Snapchat usernames :)

154 views · 31 days ago

If you wanna chat and have a kik then leave your kik usernames on here and I'll add you ;)

119 views · 32 days ago

would love to cam email me at

153 views · 33 days ago

After almost a year of being a member, I have tried every week to upload a video, many times in a row, just full out spamming it. Yet I still can't get a single video up. What's the problem?

377 views · 47 days ago

have you ever been caught masturbating by one of your family members?

Just curious

163 views · 50 days ago

Wonder'in what kind and maybe sharing thoughts on??? Interesting?