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12 views · 2 days ago

So once again I spent 6 hours of my time last night uploading 3 new videos to this site plus some photo albums. Check this morning and while all the albums have appeared, yet again no sign o the videos despite getting emails to say they have been uploaded.

Trying one more this morning and if the does not appear then I am not going to bother anymore sorry guys. Unless Admin get their heads out of their ass and sort out the issue or give indication WHY it is not being shown then that's me done!!

93 views · 10 days ago

As my nick suggests I am a nudist albeit just at home but I enjoy the freedom of being nude at home as does my new wife of 3 years (Filipina) and more recently, her daughter who came to stay with us on a year long holiday visa. At first she was shy about being nude and seeing both me and her mom that way. I recall the first day she actually walked around the house completely naked. I do not think I have been that hard in years!

To see a nice teenage body with small perky tits and a shaved pussy! My cock rose up from the dead and stayed that way for most of the day. I did wonder what her reaction would be but she did not make any comment for the first couple of days until the 3rd day when her mom had gone to work.

She will often go out with her mom when she goes to work and I am left to my own devices which usually entails spending time on the internet on a chat site or finding videos to upload here (not that they ever get published!!). Anyway I digress. A few days ago I got up after my wife had left for work assuming that her daughter had gone with her. I grabbed my coffee and booted up the computer ready for some online fun. I enjoy chatting with others about sexual experiences (Not roleplay) and occasionally doing cam2cam sessions. So there i was sat naked logged in and chatting, exchanging a few pics and having a nice slow stroke of my hard cock. Suddently the door opened and in walked my step daughter! Now while she has seen my cock hard, I have not touched it in front of her so imagine my shock horror when she walked in and caught me in mid stroke while chatting to another guy on camera. As my back was to the door the first I actually knew she had come in was seeing her in my camera screen stood watching. I quickly disconnected the chat and tried to grab my small towel I use for when I cum. She told me not to worry and asked what I had been talking about. I felt the need to confess that I had been discussing her with the other guy and how much I wanted her body. Her mom would kill me as well as divorce me if she knew that. She came and stood next to me and asked what I liked best about her body. It was difficult to decide which part is best but told her I loved her shaved pussy. As my wife shaves and also shaves me I said it turned me on to see a clean pussy.

239 views · 20 days ago

Im tired of all these fake incest vids. If anybody has any real ones to share hit me up.

101 views · 25 days ago

Why doesn't anyone upload anything so many members and only a few upload

175 views · 30 days ago

So, it was my little girls birthday Saturday an I took her shopping for some new clothes!! We were walking around the mall when she spotted a Fredricks of Hollywood store.. we went in and she was looking around, I sat near the dressing room.. she had a few items and the clerk let her in!! After a few moments she called me to the door, when she opened it, there she was standing there with this beautiful bustier and stocking and panties!! She asked how she looked?? I could barely get the words out of my mouth "You look pretty!!" She than closed the door and asked me to get the clerk for her.. the clerk went in an after a few moments she called me back to the door!! She opened it and she looked stunning in a corset stockings and panties!! My mouth dropped to the floor and she said"I guess I don't need to ask??" She Han pulled me into the room and started to unbutton me jeans, she said"I wanna thank you now!!" It wasn't long after I came in her mouth and she looked up at me and swallowed!!! What a present!!

157 views · 42 days ago

Im looking to chat/share stories, fantasies, etc... No judgements just open kinky chat... the more taboo the better. feel free to hit me up on kik. Samjohnson716

240 views · 55 days ago

Ok people, I have been patient enough. No one wants to add anything here. I will be gone for a little, I will keep checking off and on but don't expect anything new

135 views · 58 days ago

hello everyone im new to fooktube just wanna know is there any girl around here who needs to chat im like freaking boring here so any one intrested let me knw thanks :-P

284 views · 58 days ago

Just want to make a little survey of people kinks ! ^^

Mines are Incest, Shemale, Zoo, Loli/Shota and Cumshots :D

155 views · 63 days ago

Hey guys I just wanted to mention I'll finish off "unexpected events" in a bit. It gained in popularity the longer I left it so I decided to unshelf that story.
Speaking of stories: feel free to inbox me and chat. I have others to share