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34 views · 3 days ago

I finally got to take care of myself and cum. Which is good because I was super turned on today. Work feels so long when you just really want to be fucked on the nearest surface.

7 views · 5 days ago

All of the videos for the last week or two have been links. Links to other sites. Like, if I wanted pornhub, I would have gone pornhub. Stop it.

11 views · 7 days ago

I've been so busy the last couple days I haven't even had any time to get off. I've just been trying to power through the day and get things done, but I'd really rather use all this energy to fuck my SO's brains out. I want to see his face as I lay on my back while he kneels over me and cums on my tits. I love watching him lose it when he's jacking off and I play with his balls.

21 views · 10 days ago

I've been having fantasies of eating out a woman, holding her hips and teasing her clit as she lifts herself slightly off her back to meet my tongue, writhing under me. I'll lick her from perineum to clit, tease her opening and lick back down. I'll gently suck on her clit making her cum again and again. Then slide a finger in her tight, wet pussy so she cums on it, filled and completely satisfied.

18 views · 11 days ago

I don't want nice sex. I want to be choked. I want my nipples pinched and ass slapped so hard it leaves me red. I want hickies, teeth marks and scratches. Mark me up and make me yours. I want your passion and pleasure. I want to hear you moan aloud for me. I want to feel you cum inside me even as you continue to slam into me.

64 views · 14 days ago

I tried contacting support but no one answers my emails so I'll post my issues here. I not a new member and I have used this site for awhile. I recently signed up with a new email address and username and proceeded to post more than a dozen videos over 2 days. None of my videos are showing up even though I received emails saying they were uploaded successfully. Is there an admin at this site who can explain why my videos aren't showing up? You have my email. If n ot just add to my user name. Thank you.

48 views · 18 days ago

My filipina wife is 16 years younger than me and sometimes is more horny on an evening than I am, I tend to peak during the day time. Last night we were laid in bed after her daughter had also gone to bed, when I felt a hand on my cock. Nothing strange in that you may say, but it is usually me that instigates contact. As I was half asleep I just let her stroke me for a little while. I suddenly realised however, that her other hand was fingering her own pussy. Again something that has happened maybe only 2 times in 5 years we have been married. I found it such a turn on I moved her hand from my cock and started stroking it myself while watching her finger her pussy.

She then turned on her back so laid sideways across the bed and lifted her legs leaving her pussy exposed. I slid down the bed and positioned my cock against her pussy and rubbed just on the opening which soon had her moaning. I slid my cock up and down wetting it on her juices and close to her ass. She tried anal a couple of times but hurt too much. However I was so turned on that I just positioned against her and slowly pushed. next thing my cock was in her ass and sliding all the way in.
I tried not to move in case it hurt at first but then felt her start to move against me. I was just getting a good movement going when the bedroom door opened and in walked her daughter. As we are always naked at home and especially at night, my cock throbbed that bit more at the sight of her young daughter catching us having anal. She could not see which hole I was in but she stood and talked to her mom while I was slowly moving in and out. Just watching her daughters young smooth body was enough to make me cum. I know that she knew I had cum because I could not help let out a rather loud moan. Just waiting now to talk to her about how she felt seeing us last night My cock is also throbbing at the thought of the conversation

39 views · 19 days ago

I am bored and have been incredibly horny. Every time I've masterbated in the last week or so it has not really been satisfying. I'm still just as turned on if not more when I have cum. I wish my SO could have sex long enough or rough enough that I could cum on his cock. Maybe that's what I've been missing. It's just so frustrating

93 views · 28 days ago

I've been really horny these past few days and my mom and sister are on vacation so I have no one to instantly fuck and drop my load in.. my aunt might come by tomorrow and she always gets touchy and flirty around me but we've never done anything with each other so maybe we will tomorrow if she's up for it ;)

75 views · 34 days ago

Well that was easy I guess. Neat. Lol